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Survivors of domestic violence need your help, now more than ever.

As our community experiences social distancing, job loss, and increased anxiety during this COVID-19 crisis, those who experience domestic violence are at greater risk.  Isolation, financial hardship, and increased tension put survivors in more danger than ever before. 


I really need your help!   I know you care about survivors of domestic violence, both their physical safety and emotional well-being.   I am humbled by the generosity of our community every day.  But I need you more than ever right now.  


Please, would you join me by making a gift today to help those at greater risk of domestic violence during this unprecedented time of isolation? 

Your gift will make an immediate impact in the lives of survivors providing hope, safe shelter, and 24-hour support.  I promise to keep you updated on the power of your donation.


I hope that you, your friends, and family are as safe and comfortable as possible right now.  I appreciate your dedication to survivors.

Your generosity and selflessness are simply amazing!


Darlene Jones,

Executive Director



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Donate Today

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