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With all the celebrations, nostalgia, and traditions, it is hard not to smile just thinking about the upcoming holiday season. Unfortunately for the people we serve, the holidays often bring added stress. The holidays are typically full of painful memories, thoughts of an uncertain future, and financial burdens they cannot meet. These families are busy working hard to heal and rebuild their lives. They deserve a holiday season filled with joy and new memories.  

You can help them! Deciding to be a Holiday Helper this season is a simple way to help those rebuilding enjoy a sense of normalcy and give them a glimpse into their future without domestic violence. These moments mean so much to them.   Your generosity will be remembered for years to come. Your simple gesture allows these families to create new traditions, watch their children open gifts, and reclaim the spirit of the Holiday Season.


Thank you for choosing to be a Holiday Helper.    

Please fill out the form below. We will find the family that best fits your request and will send you the information quickly.    The registration form should be completed before November 17, 2023, to guarantee a match with a family.   All gifts and donations need to be returned before December 11, 2023, to ensure your family receives them before the holiday.  

Become a Holiday Helper

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Thanks for being a Holiday Helper. Watch your inbox. We will send your match as soon as it is ready.

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