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Tonight's Program

7:00  Welcome

7:15 Session 1

Opt 1:  Personal Safety with Officer Dukart

Keep yourself safe during the upcoming holiday season.  We will learn a few safety tips and tricks with Officer Dian Dukart

Opt 2:  5 Minute Holiday Face with Eliza

With the holidays around the corner and party invites starting to come this calls for an extra pop of fun that you can easily achieve for yourself but won’t have you taking hours out of your day.  Come join me as I teach you quick but glamourous tips and tricks that will take any skin tone from day to night in minutes. 


7:00 Your Impact

7:30 Session 2

Opt 1:  Learn the Gin & Tonic with Jean

Get on your feet and learn this beginner line dance with Jean, Jean the Dancing Machine.

Opt 2: Holiday Wine Pairing with Dave

Go for the Win(e) this holiday season using these easy guidelines for choosing the right wine!

Opt 3: Pampering Tips & Gifts with Kimberly

Pop in for skin detoxing and anti-aging for you and fun pampering gifts for teachers, healthcare heroes, and moms.

8:00 Auction

8:15 Session 3

Opt 1: Fun Flow with Cass

Bring a little zen to the evening with a short yoga class with Cass. This quick flow can be done anytime to unwind and relax.

Opt 2: 5 in 15 with Michelle

Get prepared to be the impromptu host. Using simple ingredients from the pantry, Michelle will show you how to make these 5 appetizers in 15 minutes.

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Many Thanks to our Sponsors.png

Annette Eckert & Bill Enyart   

Margaret Wayne & Thomas Sehr
Walter Yee

Carolyn Stumpf
Cassandra Reaka

Belleville Kiwanis

Kathleen Lannert

12 Counties Laborers Council
Alanna Mejias & Lloyd Cueto
Bovinette Insurance Agency
Carolyn & Walt Descher

Darlene Jones
Eleanor Mandel

Judge Judy Cates
Kelly & Kelley, LLC
Mark Paule Auto Sales
Pat Lewis
Sharon Goff
St. Ann Ladies of Solidarity

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