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This October, we ask you to take action and make our community safe for survivors of domestic violence.  Join us in Painting the Town Purple to raise awareness about domestic violence. Your actions, big or small, help others around you start conversations, understand and empathize with survivors, and create communities where survivors are treated with respect and dignity. 


We all know someone who is affected by domestic violence.    Discover how you can take action this month to help make our better for survivors of domestic violence.

Listen & Believe

  • The MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do for survivors is to BELIEVE them!

Listen & Believe

The statement, “I Believe You,” is incredibly powerful when said to a survivor of domestic violence. Often, survivors keep their abuser’s secerts because they fear no one will believe them. The most important thing you can do for someone you know experiencing abuse is to offer an unwavering belief in their experience and non-judgemental support.  

Take Action

Take Action
  • Light it Up.

Help turn the town purple, light up your home or workplace purple.  Lets show survivors their town is standing with them.  Find purple light bulbs here: Purple Bulbs 

  • Display it Purple

Show your support by setting up a display inside your business or storefront.  Highlight your purple merchandise and place our agency information in your store.  You'll let survivors know you care while connecting them with life-saving resources.  Sign up here to get VPC materials to display.

  • Make it Purple

Have a product you can make purple?  You can dye products purple for the month of October to help spread awareness.  Turning drinks, baked goods, or even hair purple?  Let us know so we can help you spread the word.  

  • Pin It

Wear an Every 1 knows Some 1 button throughout October and help us create a buzz and start conversations about domestic violence.  Order pins for yourself or your group here.

  • Wear purple on Thursdays in October

Pick one or all the Thursdays in October and wear purple.  You can do it solo, in your friend group, or at your business.  Consider offering a discount or incentive for those wearing purple.   Let us know your plans here and we will help you promote them.  

Spread the Word

Learn About Domestic Violence

  • Check out a few great blog posts and start conversations in your community. 

  • Watch our Lunch and Learn videos for information on domestic violence topics. 

Spread the Word

  • Share our social and start conversations with your circle

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While you are there- like, follow, and subscribe so we can keep conversations going year-round. 

  • Download our Zoom Background

We are spending a lot of time on Zoom and video calls lately.  Use our DVAM background and help us spread the word this October.  Just right-click the images below to save.  


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Not sure how to change your background?  Click here for a tutorial


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