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How a Sock Monkey Helps Heal

In our children’s counseling program we provide art therapy. Art therapy can take many different forms. One such form is utilizing textiles (i.e. sewing, knitting, crocheting, etc.) Doing textiles work such as sewing with clients can promote a sense of togetherness while learning new skills. It can also be a meaningful way to do grief work.

One of our 15 year old clients made this sock monkey as a way to deal with losing someone very special to her. She learned how to sew throughout this process, and she was able to use the sock monkey as a way to remember while processing her grief. While making the sock monkey, she filled a paper with memories and special qualities that was hidden inside the sock monkey. Now, every time she hugs her sock monkey, she can remember good memories and feel comfort even though the person dear to her is no longer with her.

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