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Should I Leave?

If you are in a relationship that feels abusive, controlling, or unhealthy, it is okay to contemplate leaving. You are also valid if you have conflicting thoughts and feelings about leaving your partnership. After all, you may ask yourself, "is it possible for my partner to change?" or "can our relationship become healthy?" It is important to remember that the decision to leave a toxic relationship may be complex and it may happen in stages.

You may struggle to identify what would be your "breaking point" with your partner. If this is the case, it is a good idea to educate yourself on the red flags of abuse. Abusive behaviors may include your partner controlling your interactions, monitoring your behavior, threatening or belittling you, or enacting violence against you. These behaviors are dangerous and could put you in an unsafe situation. A counselor can help you set healthy and safe boundaries for yourself. The counseling process may also help you come to your own conclusion about how and when to safely leave an unhealthy relationship.

Ultimately, it is for you and only you to decide if you should leave your partner. Friends and family may offer advice or express concern, but you deserve to have control over your own life. The most important aspects for you to consider are your own safety and your own feelings. If you need help or would just like to discuss options please call 618-235-0892. All conversations and services are safe, free, and confidential.

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