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Domestic Violence

Affects Everyone



The Emergency Shelter provides residents with their most basic need, a safe place to sleep.  While the residents work on plans and skills for a future without violence. 


Navigating the legal system can be overwhelming.  From safety planning to Orders of Protection,  Legal Advocates support and assist those experiencing domestic violence through the process


Breaking the isolation of domestic violence through counseling can help survivors move forward.  By providing a safe and stigma-free space to work through trauma, they can begin healing. 

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Become a Peace Keeper

For as little as $7.08 per month you can help someone experiencing domestic violence work towards a safe future.  

Invite Us to Speak

We love sharing our passion to end domestic violence.   E-mail us to schedue a speaker for small to large groups.  

Grant A Wish

Our wishes range from little to large.  Browse the wish list to see help some of our wishes come true.

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