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On average a women will leave her abuser 7 times before she leaves for good. 

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Compassionate Support

The Violence Prevention Center provides client-focused comprehensive counseling services to victims of domestic violence and their children


Types of counseling offered:

  • Individual Counseling for Both Adults and Children – Adult Counseling is designed to be crisis- oriented.  Clients establish personal goals and Counselors routinely review progress by collaborating with clients and making goal adjustments as needed.  Clients do report having increased self-esteem, and feeling more in control of their lives.   Our Children’s Counseling program is designed to enhance the psychological well-being of both our child and adolescent clients.  Parents and children both complete assessments to help Counselors identify the issues at hand and together they develop appropriate goals for counseling


  • Art Therapy -  Is provided for both adult and child clients.  Art Therapy is a therapeutic art expression process that provides clients with an outlet for enhancing communication skills and an opportunity for them to express their feelings. Art therapy gives participants a non-verbal way to express their feelings as they begin to heal.


  • Support Groups - VPC has an on-going open support group for clients currently being seen by VPC Counselors.  This group is designed to educate and support survivors while they work on healing from the trauma of domestic violence.  Clients are able to attend as many sessions as they would like as long as they feel it is helpful.

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