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PurpleOne & The Violence Prevention Center

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The Violence Prevention Center is proud to be an official partner with PurpleOne. Through this partnership, we offer free training to individuals, businesses, and organizations on how to RECOGNIZE. RESPOND.REFER survivors of domestic violence. This program will change our community’s response to domestic violence and allow survivors to access safe and compassionate help wherever they are at.  

About PurpleOne Trainings

PurpleOne provides free training that prepares individuals to become pro-social bystanders. This half-day training will teach you to implement evidence-based best practices to help victims you encounter to connect with help. After attending the training, you will know how to RECOGNIZE. RESPOND. REFER survivors.  

  • Learn different types of violence

  • Understand effects of domestic violence

  • Realize tactics of control abusers use

  • Discover how to be a prosocial bystander

  • Ensure safety when intervening

  • Learn how to avoid victim blaming

  • Find out about services offered to survivors

  • Positively connect survivors with help the they need

  • Become an advocate for survivors of domestic vioelnce

About PurpleOne Safe Places

So you have a physical location for your business or organization?  We need you!
We are working to build a community network of Safe Places where survivors of domestic violence can walk in to ask for help, get information, or be referred to us for help. Can you imagine taking simple steps to connect someone with life-changing support?  

To become a Safe Place through PurpleOne, one person (or a few) participates in the half-day PurpleOne training to learn how to RECOGNIZE. RESPOND.REFER. survivors of domestic violence. After training, you can apply to be SafePlace.  Once approved, we provide your organization with a PurpleOne Dot to place at the entrance of your location and referral materials to distribute when you need to. Your business will be listed on the PurpleOne Safe Place finder, available on the PurpleOne website and the Safe Place app.  

Upcoming Training Dates


June 20,2024




July 1,2024




August 29,2024




September 30,2024



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