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Grandma and Grandchild in Embrace

You can provide safe shelter to a fleeing survivor for just $105.45 per month

Man with Mobile Phone

You can empower a survivor through counseling for only $35.54 per month.

Mother and Daughter Hugging

You can help a survivor navigate the court system only $20.03 per month.

Woman In Hat

You can answer 24 hours of crisis calls for just $11.40 per month.

Who are the Peace Keepers?

The Peace Keepers are our most active and influential supporters.  It's more than just giving once a month- it's making a tangible difference in the lives of survivors of domestic violence.  As a Peace Keeper we want you to feel connected to our work and excited about your role in creating a safe and peaceful community. 

Smiling for the Camera

When you join you will:

  • Increase the Violence Prevention Center's impact through sustainable funding.

  • Receive frequent updates and stories about the survivors directly impacted by your donations. 

  • Rest easy knowing families in your community are safe because of your generosity.

  • Unite with a community of givers dedicated to ending domestic violence.

  • Have the flexibility to modify or cancel your donation at any time. 

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