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What We Do

“It is seldom that domestic violence is an isolated episode; rather it is comprised of a number of episodes over an extended period of time.” Asa Don Brown

Through taking an individual's entire well-being in to account The Violence Prevention Center is able to meet survivor where ever they are in their journey.  Through education and empowerment those dealing with domestic violence can begin to heal and envision a future without violence. 

Answering the call of survivors with compassion and support is our priority.  Call for help 24 hours a day.  618-235-0892

The Shelter is more than just a place to stay; it's a safe temporary home with comprehensive services to get survivors back on their feet. 

Counseling is a key piece of healing from domestic violence.  Adults and children can explore coping skills, goal setting and safety planning in free survivor led sessions 

The legal system can be overwhelming for survivors.  Legal advocates assist with safety planning, court documents, and emotional support through out the entire process. 

Educating groups of professionals, citizens and youth ensures survivors are treated the dignity and respect they deserve and  creates a society where prevention is possible.  

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