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Rapid Rehousing

"The ache for home lives in all of us.  The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned."  Maya Angelou

Helping Survivors Transition from Homelessness to Housing. 

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The Violence Prevention Center's Rapid Rehousing Program offers a unique solution for survivors of domestic violence experiencing homelessness.  This program actively breaks barriers that survivors frequently experience.  This program helps survivors quickly establish safe and affordable housing so they can focus on building a peaceful future for themselves and their children.

How does the program work?

Participants work closely with our Housing Specialists.  Housing Specialists work with participants to match them with affordable housing that meets their family's needs.  Thanks to our partnerships with local landlords, participants move quickly into a place of their own.  We provide time-limited rental assistance while participants work to stabilize their income and recover from domestic violence.  Our Housing Specialists will provide support through home visits, trainings, and connections to community resources. 

What are Rapid Rehousing Goals?

  • Assist survivors with securing and maintaining housing free from their abuser.

  • Encourage financial responsibility & saving.

  • Provide encouragement and support to survivors in pursuit of their goals.

  • Decrease the time survivors of domestic violence experience homelessness.

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Partner with Us to Provide Safe Housing.

Do you own rental property in St. Clair county?  The Violence Prevention Center is always looking to connect with local landlords to join our Rapid Rehousing Program.  Partnering landlords have access to our pool of ready-to-rent participants.  In addition, we provide rent payments, in full and on time, made directly to the landlord.  

Benefits of Partnering with us:

  • Rent payments, in full and on time, made directly to you.

  • ​We assist the participant with security deposits.

  • You will have reduced vacancies and a quick turnaround.

  • Our participants are looking for long-term housing, resulting in less turnover for you.

  • Our staff conducts regular home inspections.

  • We carefully screen all participants to ensure they are a good fit.

  • You'll have a designated person to call if problems arise.


If you are a landlord interested in partnering with us, contact our Housing Specialist at 618-236-2531 or email us at  Thank You!

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