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We want you to join the Violence Prevention Center’s 100 Men Challenge. This October, commit to using your voice and influence to raise awareness and funds for survivors of domestic violence. Traditionally, domestic violence is viewed as a women’s issue. But that just isn’t the case. It is a community-wide issue that affects everyone. That is why we need you to get involved during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Help create a community where everyone is safe, respected, and can achieve their own dreams. You can make sure life-saving services are available to people in our community who need them. Take the Challenge today!

  • How does virtual trivia work?
    Virtual trivia will run similar to in-person music trivia, except we aren't keeping score. We will have 8 rounds with varying categories. You answer the questions, have fun, and support surviviors of domestic violence.
  • Do I need to pre-register?
    Yes! You will only get a link to the game when you preregister. It is just $25 per link. While you cannot share the link- your team can be as big or small as you are comfortable with. (please observe local gathering and social distancing ordinances)
  • What do I get for $25?
    You will receive a link for our virtual music trivia. This includes 8 rounds of music related trivia-approximately 2 hours of family-friendly fun.
  • What do I need to make the link work?
    You only need a computer capable of running Zoom and an internet connection. However, connecting your computer to a T.V. or lager screen is recommended.
  • Is this something I can do with Children?
    Yes! This activity is best suited pre-teen and older children. All music, questions, activity will be family friendly. This is an event benefitting the Violence Prevention Center, we will be speaking on domestic violence topics. While we won't be graphic, the topic may be heavy for some children.
  • How many people can play for the $25 registration fee?
    As many as you are comfortable with. The link will work for one computer connection. You can play by yourself, with your household, or invite a few friends for a fun night in. Please observe your local gathering and social distance recommendations.
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