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He wasn't Mr. "Perfect"

If you would have told Mya she would eventually need our services when she first met her husband she would have called you crazy. Everyone she loved was smitten with the man she would quickly marry. He was attentive and charming. He made everyone he met feel welcome and important. He was her Mr. Perfect.

The night he left her on the side of road, she didn't know if she would every feel whole again. By that time he had been hurting her for years, both physically and emotionally. She felt broken. She believed she deserved the abuse. She believed him when he told her it was all her fault. For some reason that night was different. Standing alone on the dark road she finally felt brave enough to push forward and get help.

Mya called the crisis hotline that evening and asked for help. She made her way to the Shelter that same night. From there she sought counseling. Through a lot of hard work and resilience Mya now knows she deserves a life without violence. She continues to process and heal from her abuse. We know Mya's future is full of peace and happiness and are humbled to be part of her story.

If you or someone you know needs help, reach out at 618-235-0892

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