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Dreams of Peace

Sierra will soon be 7. Her short life has been filled with a lot of unknowns. She wants to live in a family that doesn't yell so much. She wishes she didn't hear her mom cry at

. She hopes her mom's boyfriend stops being so angry all the time. She dreams of the day she can go to school and not hie what happens at home. She doesn't want to be worried all the time. Sierra desires to feel safe.

When Sierra finally told her mother how scared she was, her mom reached out to the Crisis hotline for help. After some counseling for both Sierra and her mother, the pair decided to leave their house and stay in the Emergency Shelter while they figured out what to do next. The Shelter provided a safe place for Sierra and her mom to work creating a life they both wanted. Through art therapy and counseling they Sierra was able to tell her mother how scared and angry she was. Her mom was able to learn tools to help both Sierra and herself.

We are so proud of the work both Sierra and her mother put in to create the life they want. A life where Sierra feels safe.

If you need help, reach out to us at 618-235-0892

* Sierra's story is real, however her name and image are changed to protect her identity.

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