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Am I Safe?

"Are you safe?," a calm voice asked. That question puzzled Amanda. Her mind raced

with thoughts like, "Right now? I'm pretty safe. He is at work. Overall, pretty safe when he is happy. At night? I sleep lightly so I know what is coming next. At dinner? Only if everything went well." Her mind kept racing, but the kind voice on the phone asked again, "Are you safe right now?" She finally cut through her thoughts and answered, "I am safe right now, but sometimes I'm not."

The call to our 24-hour crisis line was Amanda's first step toward living a safe and peaceful life. Through the crisis line, Amanda was able to put a safety plan in place and begin preparations to leave her 17 year marriage. She was connected to a legal advocate who helped file for an order of protection and explained her rights and legal protections. During those moments when she wasn't sure if she was ready to leave, she utilized the new skills she was working on in counseling. Little by little, Amanda began to reclaim her choices. She began to reclaim her future.

It takes a lot of courage to make that first call to the 24-hour crisis line. It takes even more courage to leave a 17 year abusive marriage. Coming to terms with the facet that someone you love is an abuser is difficult to say the least. It can be confusing, scary, and exhausting. having a caring and knowledgeable person answering the hotline can help make the process a little less daunting.

It was a long road, but today Amanda is happy. She sleeps well at night, knowing she is safe. Having an agency like the Violence Prevention Center ready to assist can help a person navigate a very complex situation. We are grateful Amanda was brave enough to make that first call. We are always humbled to be a part of a survivors story.

If you need help. Call our 24 hour hotline at 618-235-0892

*Amanda's story is real, but her name and image have been changed to protect her identity.

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