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A Story of Resilience

Owen and his mother have taught us so much about resilience, patience and being stronger than than people think.

Owen was four when he and his mother fled to the emergency shelter. he was n on-verbal and missing developmental

milestones due to the trauma of witnessing the abuse his mother suffered. His short life had been riddled with scary situations, shouting, and violence. His mother was dealing with medical issues, unemployment due to her abuse, and a husband that was stalking her. Tho say this family had a lot on their plate is an understatement.

When some would give up facing all of this, Owen and his mom put in a lot of hard work. Owen saw our art therapist and worked with out child advocate. his mother gained employment, participated in therapy, worked through the legal process to stay safe, and was able tot connect with all the right resources for Owen's development.

Today Owen is speaking in words and short sentences. He is able to as for what he needs and is on his way to being a healthy toddler. He and his mother are living peacefully on their own. They are so grateful the Center was here when they needed it. When we last saw the pair and asked how they were doing, Owen's mom said, "Thanks to you, we are getting stronger."

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