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That Call Saved Her Life

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"I am going to kill him tonight," Andrea* calmly told Beth, the Crisis Hotline Specialist. After years of abuse, she just couldn't take anymore. She thought her only option to survive was to murder her husband. Beth responded calmly and compassionately. She reminded the caller she had so many positives in her life. She had a son, a family, and a job. She just needed help to deal with her abuser. Beth assisted Andrea with a safety plan, connected her with resources, and most importantly listened with out judgement. When they disconnected hours later, Andrea was calm, safe, and had a plan to begin life without her abuser.

A week later Andrea called back to tell Beth, "You saved my life!" That night she had been ashamed to tell Beth she was planning a murder/suicide. She had plans to kill her husband and take her own life. She was so desperate for the the abuse to end, she couldn't think of any other way out. She felt alone, scared, and overwhelmed. Beth was a friendly voice that broke through to Andrea's rational side. She was able to connect with help after that call to leave her abuser. She and her son are living a happy and peaceful life now.

Fifteen years later, Andrea still calls in occasionally to thank Beth for saving her life.

*While Andrea's story is real her name and image have been changed to protect her identity.

If you need help, please reach out to our 24 hour Hotline at 618-235-0892.

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