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Local Insurance Company Cares about Survivors

Updated: May 4, 2020

Jerry Yeakel presents $1,000 check to VPC

Navigating domestic violence services through the COVID-19 pandemic has been both rewarding and challenging. Along with putting in place social distancing practices, increasing sanitation, sourcing new technology to allow staff to work remotely the Violence Prevention Center has had to overcome the increased financial burden of these new practices. Fortunately, the Center is part of an extremely generous and caring community full of businesses like Yaekel & Associates. Jerry Yaekel and Jill Yaekel reached out to us this week to offer a donation of $1,000 from Yaekel & Associates in partnership with Erie Insurance Group. We couldn't be more grateful. Donations like these help survivors of domestic violence have a safe space to shelter-in-place in, when their home isn't safe. It offers them peaceful sleep, meals, and the tools to recover from the trauma of domestic violence. Thank you, Jerry, Yaekel & Associates, and Erie Insurance Group. Your commitment to survivors and our community is admirable.

If you need help with domestic violence call our 24-hour domestic violence crisis line at 618-235-0892.

To learn more about Yaekel Insurance visit

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