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Your Donation will help survivors like Michelle and her children leave their abusers for good. 
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Four years ago, a survivor we'll call Michelle came to our shelter with her two children, aged 7 and 4. She had attempted to leave her abuser twice before. Each time, things would get hard. She couldn’t make ends meet, she would get lonely, or she would feel guilty that her kids didn’t see their father as much. Eventually, her abuser would convince her he would change, and things would be better if they were together. She went back. The third time she left was after a violent argument when the kids were home. She knew if she stayed, her kids would think this was okay. She was determined to make a new life for herself and her kids. One without violence.


Escaping abuse is difficult. A survivor has hundreds of questions running through their minds. Where will I live? Will my kids be safe? Will he find me? How will I pay bills?  Why can't I make this work?  Will our kids be okay?  It is overwhelming and exhausting.  

Thanks to our generous community, Michelle receives counseling, legal advocacy, and supportive service while staying in the shelter.  Today, Michelle and her children are planning their holiday celebrations and looking forward to the New Year.  

Unfortunately, Michelle's story is just one of the 1,200+ survivors we serve every year.  We see survivors trying to escape their abusers feeling alone and overwhelmed.  They need your support.  You can ensure there is a safe haven for survivors and their families.  Donate Today

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